1. What’s the first memory you have of a connection with the ocean that means a lot to you or stands out among the rest?

2. What’s a lesson in humility that you’ve learned because of or in part because of your relationship with the ocean?

3. Do you feel like spending time in or around the ocean gets you more in touch with your own humanity? How so?

4. What’s something you wish more people knew about the ocean? Maybe by them knowing this it would inspire them in some way to change their currently held perceptions.

5. What does the ocean do for your mental health?

6. Do you have a memorable interaction with sea life that fills you with joy anytime you think about it? Tell me that story (or those stories).

7. Who are the types of people that inspire you? They don’t have to be ocean related or specific individuals – but what are the characteristics they have that inspire?

8. When people aren’t forced to confront something in their daily lives, they tend to have less sympathy towards the cause. Generally when people live in cities and interact with all kinds of people in various situations, they tend to adobt more liberal policies versus people whose neighbors are fewer, farther away, and more homogenized. What would you tell someone who has very little interaction with the ocean, to help them understand that their behavior can have real consequences for the ocean – without blaming them or making them feel guilty?