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Venice x Waimano Falls

Venice, CA / Waimano, Oahu


Double exposed film capture Venice Beach X Waimano Falls // When I was a kid, Venice Beach was a fairytale place that you could glimpse in movies like White Men Can't Jump or Pumping Iron, but it wasn't a real place. One day I found myself living there and this fairytale land became the place I'd see my friends; go for a surf before work; grab a bite to eat; live life. One day I'd move to another fairytale land called Oahu. And lucky for me I was able to capture both of those places on one roll of double-exposed 35mm film. This particular photo came from a roll I inadvertently double-exposed.

All photos are printed on Kodak Endura Luster paper for display quality photo texture, high detail visibility, and depth of color.

• 11" x 14" print includes a .5" white border

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• 24" x 36" print includes a 1.5" white border

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