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Garden of the Gods

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah


I woke up in Dixie National Forest this morning to find out my 5 gallon water tank could’ve been sold to a local fraternity as an ice luge. The Land Cruiser barely started, but once it got going I was in a damn good place. I headed towards Bryce Canyon National Park, to see what a cold November sunset might reveal and it was truly stunning. I spent the whole day there climbing around where I shouldn’t have been and chatting with folks from the nearby shops. There was a ring I loved made by a local jeweler (Navajo if I remember correctly) and I didn’t pull the trigger on the purchase, which I regret to this day. The kid in the shop was from a Mexican town “you probably never heard of” called Hermosillo. We were both delighted when I told him that I spent a few days there the Christmas prior. That’s the thing about travel; it connects people when you least expect it. I’ll always remember that day and as long as I have this photograph, I’ll never forget how special that place is.

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