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Escalante Cruiser

Escalante, Utah


When I got my first Land Cruiser, I had no idea the impact she’d have on my life. Because of this truck, I felt inspired to drive across the country 3 times and find new adventures, meeting all sorts of new characters along the way. She has given me new perspective on what America looks like. Not just the national parks and natural beauty, but also the people who live in places I never knew existed. And when you’re driving this rig, there’s no politics. There’s just nostalgia and appreciation. When those are the terms, it’s easy to connect with strangers and talk about life. It’s a bit of humanizing that I think we all could stand to benefit from. Every time I climb inside, start the engine, and shift gears it feels like a little journey through time. The outside world is full of distraction, but I’m safe inside a world that is frozen in time; that requires my full attention; that I’ve kept alive through sweat equity; that I would never trade for anything that comes with a computer screen.

All photos are printed on Kodak Endura Luster paper for display quality photo texture, high detail visibility, and depth of color.

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