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Elegant Swarm

Haleiwa, Oahu, Hawaii


I love the pace of life here in Oahu. I wake up everyday at some ridiculous hour to either dive or start my workday (usually 4am) and then once business is done, I get to go find myself an ocean adventure right after I finish up lunch. And then I fall asleep with nightfall. It’s a lot like camping, really, when you think it’s midnight but look down at your watch and realize it’s only 9pm. I love that. To find these beauties, I went out with the folks at @oneoceandiving at dawn about 3 miles off the north shore of Oahu, suited up, and dropped in. It wasn’t my first shark dive, but it was definitely the most sharks I’ve ever seen at once. It was like they moved in perfect symphony just gliding through the water to the sounds of the ocean current that brings them to that spot. Some of you think this is a dream; some a nightmare. But I promise it’s even better than a dream. In a dream you realize it’s just in your head and start waking up. But out here, you get to hold your breath, dive down, and be a part of that harmony for a minute or so. You get to make eye contact and feel the existence of one of the world’s apex predators, with the same relative calm and tranquility of a shavasana at the closing of a yoga practice.

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